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Moonrise is an advisory partner focusing on growth and funding initiatives specifically tailored for Series A–C B2B companies.

We support strong purpose-driven tech founders and high-growth companies aiming to put a dent in the universe through Steward-Ownership, Deal Flow, Raising Capital, Growth Strategy, and Strategic Networking.

Our values

Moonrise backs strong founders through the creation of high-growth and purpose-driven tech companies.
Raising Capital
Raise from our relationships of value-add and value-aligned investors, from seed and beyond.
Stewarding Deal Flow
Grow with business development support and world-class partnerships.
Strategic Marketing
Connect with our credible and close relationships who want to bring sincere and tangible value.
Growth Strategy
Execute on creative and strategic go-to-market plans.

Our future

Moonrise has invested in and supported founders and companies, collectively boasting a market capitalization exceeding $10B.

Today, Moonrise comprises a synergistic network of entrepreneurs and portfolio companies. This interconnected ecosystem fosters numerous opportunities for mutual support, resulting in a tangible, positive impact on the global landscape.

Our motto: Rising tides lift all boats!

Our team

Daniel Dubois
Daniel Dubois
Co-founder of Moonrise
Alex Simpson
Alex Simpson
Co-founder of Moonrise
Alex Simpson, FinTech founder, investor, and advisor has started and grown Financial Technology platforms that aim to help people and businesses transact more easily, stress less, and manage their money more effectively.
Daniel started EO and YPO Angels (now Entrepreneurs Capital) a network of the most powerful venture networks of proven entrepreneurs. Everyone in the network is a member of either EO (the world's largest founder network) or YPO (if the members made up a country it would be the third largest GDP in the world). Daniel is also a Partner with a $100mm fund, Side Door Ventures, as well and has a Series A Enterprise Fund in partnership with Gaingels ($800mm deployed). Daniel sold his first two venture-backed companies at 25 years old and then ran most of Canada and Eastern USA for Airbnb. He then left to start Key which has raised 8-figures of venture funding. Their community prides themselves on being as helpful as possible to founders which he brings to all Moonrise portfolio companies.
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